Meet William Erickson, CIO at 1031 Crowdfunding, LLC

1031 Crowdfunding Chief Investment Officer, William Erickson, discusses why joined the 1031 CrowdFunding team.

Raising capital using Title 2 of the JOBS Act is an exciti​ng industry right now. When regulation changed and general solicitation of private offerings became an acceptable vehicle for selling securities, new sales models needed to be discovered and explored. When Edward Fernandez approached me about serving as Chief Investment Officer of his new company, 1031 Crowdfunding, I was excited to jump onto the front lines of using Title 2 of the JOB Act, particularly in connection to real estate investing.

I believe that using general solicitation directly to accredited investors can offer a more efficient way for investors to have access to institutional real estate and can open the opportunity for real estate investors to participate in much larger transactions than they might typically be able to do. 1031 Crowdfunding​ presented a wonderful opportunity to participate in the effor​ts to offer more value to real estate investors while working alongside like-minded people.

Through my many years of working, I’ve learned that there is value to working with men of integrity and have experienced the rewards of having close associations with the people that you work with on a day-to-day basis. Because of the strong relationship Ed and I had built over the past five years, I was intrigued by his proposition for me to join him in this venture.

Real estate is my area of expertise. I have been professionally involved in real estate from every angle for nearly 35 years. Beyond my professional experience, I have also been heavily involved in personal real estate investing. I relate to so many real estate investors seeking to take some of the work out of real estate investing. Since the objectives of 1031 Crowdfunding strongl​y connect to my professional experience and personal interests, I accepted the position and am excited to witness the advancements of real estate crowdfunding and provide real estate investors beneficial alternatives through 1031 Crowdfunding.


As Chief Investment Officer at 1031 Crowdfunding, Mr. Erickson is involved in the evaluation of sponsor partnerships and real estate operators to ensure compatibility with 1031 Crowdfunding’s business objectives and quality of the offerings. Mr. Erickson is also responsible for identifying and evaluating real estate for potential acquisition. Mr. Erickson has approximately 35 years of extensive business experience. Prior to joining 1031 Crowdfunding,

Mr. Erickson was the Founding Partner and Managing Principal of Viking Capital LLC., a real estate investment banking firm in Southern California responsible for raising debt and equity for acquisition, disposition, recapitalization and development of commercial real estate assets. At Viking Capital LLC, he was involved in nearly $1 billion of commercia​l real estate investments. Mr. Erickson was also the Co-Founder of Craig Capital Corporation, where he was involved in approximately $650 million in transactions involving acquisitions, ground-up developments, equity recapitalizations and dispositions. He participated in two Fortune 250 companies, was as a principal of a Top 20 Electronics Firm, and has a wide-range of experience in real estate acquisitions, finance, development, and joint venture equity investments.