1031 Crowdfunding, LLC Ranked Among Top 10 Real Estate Crowdfunding Sites

2nd Year as #1 for 1031 Exchanges crowdfunding site.

1031 Crowdfunding, LLC announced today that the Company moved up in the rankings for the 2016 Top 100+ Real Estate Crowdfunding Sites to #10 overall and maintained its position as #1 ranked Real Estate Crowdfunding site for 1031 Exchanges.

“A top site for core and core plus investments. #1 for 1031 exchange investments,” The Real-Estate Crowdfunding Review states about 1031 Crowdfunding. The review lists “core and core plus investments, tax advantages for existing landlords looking for a 1031 exchange, low volatility/high safety income producing investments for buy-and-hold investors” as advantages of 1031 Crowdfunding.

"It has been our business practice from the beginning to maintain a standard of excellence for the services we provide,"

Edward Fernandez, CEO

According to the Real-Estate Crowdfunding Review, “There's been an earthquake of changes in the industry since last year, and so it's no surprise that the rankings have changed a lot too. "Several newcomers pushed their way up into the top 10... Several former champs stumbled and fell.”

“It has been our business practice from the beginning to maintain a standard of excellence for the services we provide,” said 1031 Crowdfunding Founder and CEO, Edward Fernandez. “As a result of our resolve to be service-oriented as well as our expertise in the 1031 exchange industry, we are honored again as a consistent presence among the top-ranked real estate crowdfunding companies and the top choice for 1031 exchange-qualified crowdfunding.”    

The Real-Estate Crowdfunding Review conducted in-depth research of over 100 real estate crowdfunding sites to form the reviews and rankings provided in the Top 100+ Real Estate Crowdfunding Sites. Site features most highly valued included: pre-funding, low investor fees, low investors minimums, bankruptcy protection, velocity, positive investor feedback, co-investment by the company, and venture capital funding in the company.   

For more information on 1031 Crowdfunding, visit www.1031Crowdfunding.com or call (844) 533-1031.

About 1031 Crowdfunding, LLC

1031 Crowdfunding provides a range of quality properties for investors seeking a 1031 exchange through a Delaware Statutory Trust. With a compliant online investment platform, investors research opportunities, make investments with ease, and receive monthly updates. 1031 Crowdfunding was founded by Edward Fernandez along with Alfred Pizzurro, Marcus Kurschat, William Erickson, aggregating 120 years of their combined experience in the securities and real estate markets.

Source: 1031 Crowdfunding, LLC