1031 Crowdfunding, LLC Featured in Mid Atlantic Real Estate Journal and Launches Updated Website

1031 Crowdfunding, LLC announced today that the Company is featured in the current edition of the Mid Atlantic Real Estate Journal.   How Crowdfunding is changing the 1031 space, an article written by 1031 Crowdfunding founder and CEO, Edward Fernandez, is included in the Financial Digest section of the journal on page 18A.

The Mid Atlantic Real Estate Journal is considered to provide the most comprehensive coverage of the commercial real estate industry pertaining to the states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C.

“We are extremely pleased that the Mid Atlantic Real Estate Journal approached us, as an expert in the field, to submit an article for their Spotlight on 1031 exchanges,” said 1031 Crowdfunding Founder and CEO, Edward Fernandez. “We are excited by opportunities like this that reveal we are gaining traction and visibility in the industry.”

The article discusses how Title II of the JOBS Act and Delaware Statutory Trusts are reducing complications of 1031 exchanges and providing real estate investors with viable alternatives to the traditional 1031 exchange. The article introduces readers to 1031 Crowdfunding and explains how the Company is improving the 1031 exchange process and offering exchangers successful and effortless exchanges by presenting turn-key 1031 exchange solutions through its proprietary crowdfunding platform.

The complete article can be read online by viewing the March 11, 2016 digital edition of the Mid Atlantic Real Estate Journal found at www.marejournal.com.

In unrelated news, the Company has also launched an updated version of its website to provide 1031 exchangers with easier access to replacement properties and additional assistance navigating the 1031 exchange process.

“We’re listening to exchangers who come to our site because they are new to 1031 exchanging and need guidance through the process or they are upon deadlines and desperate to salvage failing exchanges,” said 1031 Crowdfunding Founder and CEO, Edward Fernandez. “Our updates are designed to help these exchangers better understand their options and present a clear strategy for completing a successful exchange.”

The 1031 exchange process is complicated and competitive enough for exchangers without having to filter through information compiled from multiple sources. Presenting clear and complete information in an easy-to-find, easy-to-understand manner is essential if companies are going to help exchangers streamline the exchange process. With its updated website, 1031 Crowdfunding aims to offer exchangers the most efficient 1031 exchange available.  

The updated website will continue to exhibit currently available 1031 exchange-qualified DST offerings for convenient browsing. Likewise visitors will maintain access to all previously available 1031 exchange and DST educational resources.   

For more information on 1031 Crowdfunding visit www.1031Crowdfunding.com or call (844) 533-1031.

About 1031 Crowdfunding, LLC

1031 Crowdfunding provides a range of quality properties for investors seeking a 1031 exchange through a Delaware Statutory Trust. With a compliant online investment platform, investors research opportunities, make investments with ease, and receive monthly updates. 1031 Crowdfunding was founded by Edward Fernandez along with Alfred Pizzurro, Marcus Kurschat, William Erickson and Tim Barrett, aggregating 120 years of their combined experience in the securities and real estate markets.